I look back at our blog archives and realise we only started this blog in May this year. Back then, Ubi Kuching Project was just an outlet for us to post pictures and stories of the cats we own and the stray cats we meet in Ubi. Andy and I are not stray cat-feeders, but we do feed the infirmed, young or pregnant or nursing strays. We tend to do other things, like first aid – our first was Spotty. And help to re-home disadvantaged cats using the internet, our first ones being Mommy-cat’s kittens.

Suddenly we have been dubbed by the press as an animal rescue group. It is a good transition, more awareness means our work will be more effective. It also means that we are still in transition. As a mother grows along with her baby, so we are growing along with Ubi Kuching Project. More awareness means more scrutiny, and scrutiny although sometimes delivered distastefully helps us become better.

Right now the greatest transitions we are going through include:

Andy, Aswat and I are just three people, working adults, and this is our volunteer work. So if you visit Ubi today, you may not see the posters all around Ubi yet, for example. This is because we are waiting on Aswat to go through the 2 RCs that govern Ubi (I didn’t know that there were 2 RCs in Ubi but Aswat does, and even their specific jurisdiction areas) so as to place the posters appropriately. Our fund-raising is slow because we don’t have a lot of capital – if at all – to go on, and I am currently at the stage of costing and product research, early stage of marketing. As for adoption agreements and pictorial evidence, it is an upgrade from our old log book. The agreement, written in legalese, will serve to deter adopters as they read it, and can now be held expressly accountable for it.

In the meantime, grow with us, and it is really great to have so many of you loyal readers out there. We promise to keep improving.


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