ubi-wide neutering – update

Scheduled to be held in early November.

For this round of neutering, Andy and I will sponsor the Zone 2 cats – 2-3 of them – as we have no cat patron in this zone. This will be a minimum of $120. In the long run there will be a sustainable fund-raising scheme in place for Ubi Kuching Project to help zone 2 out among other things like our rescue work. I will share a more structured plan soon. Right now everything is still on paper and in my head.

There are also a few cat owners who will be joining us for our joint neutering scheme and so the average transport cost per cat has already been lowered. For those who have already elected to bring your cat along to neuter with our Ubi strays, you have not only saved some money but also helped us to save on the transport for the Ubi strays! Thank you!

With the funding sources in place, Aswat will next be planning a date for the neutering and coordinate with the rest of the zone patrons to pay for the neutering, and then after we get to work on foot with carriers to trap the cats, we are ready to roll! Looks like early November is not too soon after all.

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