upcoming neutering programme – Ubi-wide

Here are the following Ubi strays involved in the upcoming Ubi-wide cat neutering programme:

  • Ginger at Blk 341 and the untipped cat at the same block for tipping
  • 2 tortoiseshell cats and one white-and-tabby newcomer at Blk 311 (under Auntie Rose’s feeding zone, need to source for funding as this zone is under-funded),
  • Skinny orange cat – officially dumped and now living around the bubble tea shop at Blk 304
  • 2 other male cats in our zone: orange cat and black newcomer
  • Singapura, around Blk 319

We also invite all Ubi cat owners who still have unsterilised cats at home to participate. Joint neutering starts from $50 (more if your cat is on heat, more if your cat is pregnant). Your cat will have to stay overnight at the vet’s for two nights. Ear will be tipped or tattooed, no certificate issued unless you are willing to pay extra. Pregnant cats will go through abortion if it is early stage of pregnancy, no questions asked.

Also invited are all cats that have been re-homed under Ubi Kuching Project, no matter where you are living now.

This is to encourage neutering among cat owners. If you are not participating in this scheme and have an unsterilised cat, please bring your cat for sterilisation at 6 months old.

To participate in this neutering programme, please contact Aswat at 6748 9810 / 9337 8211. Leave your contact details with him, and when the date is fixed for the programme he will contact you in advance to bring your cat down to Angels Pet Shop (map here). Collection and trapping of cats usually starts from 7 pm to 11 pm – after work hours.

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