zone 2 cat-feeder – Auntie Rose

Remember I shared that Ubi is divided into cat zones, each zone being managed and fed by different care-givers?

Ever since we started this blog we wanted to take pictures of the people who manage the cat zones, but they being cat-feeders i.e. nocturnal, it is almost impossible to sight them, as if they were cats themselves.

But we managed to get a picture of Auntie Rose, Zone 2 cat-feeder.

Auntie Rose lives in Ubi with one cat. She is a retired home-maker who used to work in the US. She often has interesting human treats to share with us like Belgium chocolates and candy from Denmark. Her trademark is her plastic bag armed with cat food, and an amazing walking speed that helps her feed more cats, quickly. She may be an auntie but she speaks good English, smokes Gudang Garam and is quite tech-savvy – she uses her mobile phone more than I do mine!

This photo of her was taken at Angels Pet Shop where she came to buy cat food. She will be helping to sponsor some of the costs of neutering the Zone 2 cats we are hoping to trap and neuter next week (date unconfirmed yet, still need to liaise with our cat-service guy on his availability).

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