Addiction – Viva La Venison

I wanted to buy a premium brand of dry food for the cats to add to their usual diet, just for variety’s sake. I was keen on Addiction and chose the Venison flavour for them.

Sayang loved it! As you know she is our pickiest cat and so her taste test is really the bar all cat food needs to rise up to in order for us to approve of the food. And Addiction is known to be palatable to fussy eaters, so Sayang’s response to the food was pretty much my consumer-expectation.

I was actually hoping to get Evo for them but I haven’t been able to see it being sold anywhere lately. Evo is the, according to online pet food reviews, best dry food diet around. It is also the most expensive. The protein level is the highest at around 50%.

Addiction Venison is a grain-free diet, using potatoes as the starch source and vegetables as the fibre source instead. The venison is free-range (poor deers, but cats are carnivores after all). It has a lower protein level than Taste of the Wild, another of our favourite cat food brands, at around 30% crude protein (same as Fit 32).

I think I might be adding Addiction to our list of favourite cat foods soon. The canned food is now looking very attractive since Natural Balance prices have gone up. Later today I will be trying out the King Salmon flavour for their dinners and that will determine if that is another viable flavour we can add to our favourites. I have yet to try the possum and unagi flavours as I am not sure if the cats will like them and personally I don’t like unagi (Andy does) but since it’s not me who’s eating the cat food… probably will try the other flavours some time.

Addiction Viva La Venison retails at Pets Gourmet for $35 (after discount) 1.8kg quantity.

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