another notecard design – do share your pics!

I no longer have Adobe Photoshop on my computer, so I have been playing around with MS Office 7 (my new desktop has it) which is kind of like the Vista version of MS Office. It has some amazing picture-editing abilities like borders and effects, and even though it is Microsoft it is actually good enough to use for card-making. Hence I used Word to make my drafts of the notecards.

Here is a screenshot of what I did on MS Word 7.

I will probably be taking more pictures with our gift-camera, of stray cats around Ubi if I cannot find enough Ubi Kuching Project pet cats’ pics to use. I need 6 more pictures. If you would like to contribute, please email them to me. The pictures should be in high resolution, portrait-style.

I will be writing up the photo-credits and individual stories of the cats featured in each of the notecards – there will be 10 in all – on this blog as an adjunct to the purchase of each set of notecards. This is so as not to cram the card with a barrage of words as well as to act as a teaser for recipients of the card to get click-happy and visit our blog! I felt that less-is-more but if you do have any feedback on what more ought to be on the back of the card, do feel free to voice them out.

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