This is one of our cat patrons, feeder and sponsor of Zone 1, Auntie Can. Auntie Can actually does not live in Ubi, but in the next town. She noticed a few years ago that no one was feeding the stray cats in Ubi central and so she made it her personal mission to feed the strays in this area every night, without fail.

She also sponsors all the neutering in Ubi central, aka Zone 1. Almost all the cats in this area are sterilised except for one or two elusive males and some new kittens. She is also the one who pays for vet fees whenever any of the stray cats need to be brought to the vet.

She is an amazing person. She not only feeds in Ubi but also in other areas. Then at midnight she goes home to close her provision shop. She is a total nocturnal animal just like her cats.

Thank you Auntie Can.

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