baking soda in cat litter – best!

Remember I wrote about the uses of baking soda for cats?

Well I tried it for the past week myself by sprinkling baking soda into their litter boxes.

Usually, the filter tray for the litter boxes using pine pellets needs to be changed once per week for one cat. We usually change ours twice a week at least otherwise the pee smell will still emanate from the litter boxes even though pine is already very deodourising.

I added the baking soda to their litter trays last weekend. This weekend, when Andy cleared out the litter trays, he didn’t even realise that I hadn’t cleared the lower tray for a whole week. There was no pee smell at all! It was only after he cleared everything that I told him, and he was really surprised to find out that it didn’t smell at all even though the liners were not cleared for a whole week.

Not only is adding baking soda to the litter boxes great for the household, it is also great on the environment because it means we are using lesser litter pan liners. We still clear the poo on a daily basis of course, but now with the baking soda added to the litter boxes, we can change the liner less often. It will not affect the cats’ desire to use the litter tray as the liner below is separated from the pellets on top – if the poo is not cleared they will decline to go to the litter box since cats are fastidiously clean, even about their toilets.

And baking soda only costs a dollar plus from supermarkets!

There are also proprietary cat litter brands that use baking soda as one of their ingredients, and that is also an alternative if you are into only using pet brand items for your cats.

I also added baking soda to my ashtrays so that there will not be a stale smell from the ashtrays, but that is another whole topic altogether. Search ‘household uses for baking soda’ in Google and you will come up with plenty of tips for using this simple ingredient around the house.

Baking soda is now a permanent feature on my cleaning agents shelf in the kitchen. It is absolutely indispensable!

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  • It is safe as it is a food ingredient that is non-toxic.

    I add it to the top tray and then sift the pellets so it goes down to tbe bottom tray as well.

    It also works when they just poo-ed and you sprinkle some on top of it (in case you are like me and likes to clear the poo only after it dries).

  • Hi! May I know if you add the baking soda to the lower tray, or the pellets? It's safe if the kitties lick it off their paws?

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