chlorpheniramine for tikkie

Tikkie is still sick and I have given her a 1mg dose of chlorpheniramine (also used for allergies, same medicine I gave to Sammy when he had that food allergy) to help alleviate her runny nose for now till we get her to the vet tomorrow.

The strangest thing is that even though she is supposedly sick she is still active, and she has a good appetite, plus she is still able to jump around, cuddle up against us etc. Regardless, I am still paranoid and have been disinfecting and quarantining like it were SARS or Avian flu. Runny nose is apparently rather common in kittens, as is diarrhoea.

Chlorphenaramine is a symptomatic medicine used as an antihistamine for allergies and runny nose. We humans take it for the same problems – it is the small yellow pill that doctors give for runny nose, also known as Piriton if I am not wrong. These pills are available OTC from pharmacies like Guardian – just ask the pharmacist. They are sold in 4mg tablets. Kittens should be given a quarter of that and adult cats half. To find out more about chlorpheniramine read this online article which I found useful when I was confirming if chlorpheniramine was usable for treating runny nose.

I say it is a symptomatic medicine because it probably will alleviate a runny nose but if the runny nose is a symptom of something worse, then your kitten’s resultant dry nose will merely be a false notion of health. Hence, the vet, tomorrow. (Thank God for Andy’s pay day today).

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