innova evo canned food

For my recent birthday I spent a little bit of my birthday money on something for my cats. Because the funds didn’t come to much, one of the things I bought was a can of Evo cat food.

I have to say that on opening the can, it smelled really good. Plus the cats finished all their food, even my picky Sayang, so I guess it must really taste good.

I like the fact that it contains unique ingredients such as whole eggs, cheese and seaweed extract. An interesting addition to the usual meats and carrots. When I served it to the cats I didn’t add their recently-usual dose of fish body oil (~300mg each daily usually) as I wanted them to enjoy the food as is; but there is a good dose of fish oil in the food already anyway.

The only problem is that it is rather pricey (upwards from $3). But Natural Balance has gone up anyway too. It however may be slightly sustainable for us if we get them a couple of cans of Evo a month; Scooter’s canned food consumption is already going down as he is growing up, as is the habit in our household for our soon-to-be-adult cats.

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