After having somewhat practised on our camera gift I have made a mental summary on how to take nice kitty pictures. Do bear in mind that I am no professional photographer so all this may be very rudimentary to those of you who are whiz-photogs. My photographic training goes as far as only knowing how to compose a picture using concepts of positive-negative space and the rule-of-thirds. I have no idea on how to work shutter speed and all that jazz. I just know that when the green square focuses on what I would like to focus on, it is time to press that round thingamajig button. Oh and to not move my hands too much.

Anyway, from a noob photographer who has been trying to take pictures of her cats, here are my tips:

  • Use natural sunlight. Flash or red-eye is not flattering for most cats as their eyes reflect the light and their fur will look unnaturally glossy – too much light contrast.Example:With flash

Without flash

  • Choose the macro function – this will make your cat’s individual features such as his whiskers, fur texture, nose-leather etc. more prominent and thus more heart-warming in the picture.
  • Take close-ups. Your cat should fill the picture as far as possible. Hence the macro function. Example: Close-up Very close up
  • Patience is key. Your cat will likely not be still throughout the process, nor will he smile just because you go ‘Say cheese!’. You need to try a lot of times to get that one perfect shot.
  • Groom your cat a little before you take pictures – tear-stains, loose fur, dirty ears and snotty noses don’t look good on photos especially if you follow the tips above – everything becomes visible!
  • Take note of your cat’s ‘good side’ – think of how Mariah Carey only allows pictures of herself taken from one side and not the other. Some cats just look better from certain angles.

Of course, it all really depends on individual preferences and tastes, but those above are my thoughts. Have fun taking pictures of your kitties!

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