A little bit of explanation on the recent slow-flow of blog posts.

A lot has been happening. Not cat-wise, but human-related.

Firstly, I have been ill and thus the lack of updates on the blog. But I am feeling better now and hence I am back, apologies for the recent absence!

Another reason why there seems to be a slowdown in our work at Ubi Kuching Project has to do with Angels Pet Shop. As you would know, Angels is where we board rescued and re-homing cats. It is the headquarters which we do our stray cat sterilisation from. All the necessary apparatus and supplies needed for our animal welfare work is supplied by Angels.

Angels Pet Shop is owned by Aswat, but right now his other investor needs to pull out of the business. Understandably, this is caused a major crisis for Aswat as he does not have enough personal liquid assets that can be contributed in his investor’s stead. Angels is left with two choices: close up shop, or find another investor.

Of course, the latter option has been Aswat’s choice and he has been working on finding an interested investor. The next thing he needs to do is to work up the shop’s current balance sheet so that the exiting investor’s share can be calculated for liquidation. Based on the amount, he can then invite a new investor to take over. All that is a lot of work, so the balance sheet will need time to be worked out.

If no investor is willing to take over, Angels actually will be closing down by the end of the year. This is bad news for Ubi Kuching Project because we need Angels. Because we are symbiotically linked to Angels and have become Aswat’s friend Andy and I are going to help Aswat out in whatever way we can short of investing in his business because we don’t have that kind of money.

This current crisis of course did not happen overnight, and discretion compelled me not to write on this until now, because the situation has taken precedence over our work at Ubi Kuching Project. If Angels ceases to exist Ubi Kuching Project will have to re-group and re-form.

In either way, I have no doubt that we will still continue our animal welfare work in Ubi. But until the Angels situation is certain we will not be able to move on. Especially in terms of fund-raising, because if we no longer have Angels, fund-raising for Ubi Kuching Project needs to be re-aligned as I have calculated our financial needs based on boarding costs at Angels and mainly for neutering work of the Ubi strays. Without a space, fund-raising will need a new brick-and-mortar presence to work from, as well as extend to providing us the finances for new boarding space.

In the meantime, I will still be blogging here and will continue to write on all things catty in our neighbourhood. See you next post!

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