tikkie’s visit to the vet

Doctor says her flu is likely viral. Hence it was prudent of us to have quarantined her and disinfected like crazy. She was prescribed antibiotics and a decongestant to be taken together with the chlorpheniramine. We were also given a bottle of vitamin syrup, containing vitamin B and other minerals to give to all the cats; ours for protection, Tikkie for recovery.

She also gave us an ear cleaner containing pyrethins for her ear-mites but Tikkie is still too young for ear-mite topical applications such as Revolution – the minimum age for that is 6 weeks old. When doctor cleaned out Tikkie’s ears she used almost 10 swabs…

Anyway Tikkie will have to recover first before she can go to a new home. I will need to buy more Dettol soon and come Monday Aswat will resume caregiving for little Tikus at the shop. Meanwhile, I hope the medicines take effect soon, she is still sniffling and sneezing and still confined in our ‘ICU’ i.e. the kitchen:

Poor sickie Tikkie
For lack of a pen at home we combined two carriers into ‘one’ for her to have space to eat sleep and poo.

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  • Ya.. I really hope to have her… Make it my motto for year 2010 🙂 … hopefully he will allow and i will try to persual him… if he doesn't allow and i insist.. Tikkie will have a hard time.. i do not want any of my pets to suffer… So at the time being, i can learn more about Cats… give myself sometime also… I'm still quite a stranger to cats… hope can learn more in this blog…. cheers!

  • That's really nice of you. She is sniffling less today. I am sure your hubby has his reasons; a joint decision is always important in adopting a pet. Maybe when she gets well you can ask him again!

  • A few day ago I saw Tikkie at Angels Pet shop… I hope she will be fine and recovering fast. Actually I did have an intention to adopt her, but I told Aswat that my hubby disallow me to take in one more pet… so sad.. sobx sobx … 🙁

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