transparency on our fund-raising

I did mention the recent setback we had regarding our headquarters Angels Pet Shop. The worst of the crisis seems over and it is likely that Angels will survive through it. Hence we are going forward with the fund-raising as the cats in Ubi definitely need our help – especially Zone 2 for sterilisation. There are also other pressing issues at hand but this is definitely of the highest priority.

When Aswat is ready – he needs to settle his business matters and he is also currently sick, and busy with the upcoming Haji holiday- the three of us will be forming a joint-account to manage the funds more transparently for all. We are as yet not a registered society or charity, hence the joint account will be in three of our names – kind of how Straits Times Pocket Money fund started with the bank account for donations being held in name by the patron of the fund.

Just to give some credence to Ubi Kuching Project as a pseudo-charity (fund-raising raises more questions than funds, really): I would like to share more about Andy, Aswat and myself as we are the key people in Ubi Kuching Project.

My core professional training is in management, which includes accounting, law and marketing. I have previously co-managed a small business. I have also work experience in an NGO, post-NKF, and have done humanitarian work both locally and overseas. I am currently freelancing as a private tutor for teenagers.

Andy is working for CPG which is the former version of PWD. He administrates facilities management for the Singapore prisons staff quarters, as a Senior Technical Executive. He is professionally trained in engineering.

Aswat is the owner of Angels Pet Shop. He has been involved in animal rescue and welfare work since he was a teenager. Prior to owning his business, he has also worked in animal shelters and a veterinary clinic.

For transparency I will be publishing on the blog the financials of the fund we will be setting up for Ubi Kuching Project.

As a start, here is a snapshot of the costing worksheet I drew up (a new one, as the old one disappeared with the now defunct old desktop computer). At least 70% of the $18 per box-set of notecards will go to benefiting the animals we reach, hence the RRP.

*Cartridges refers to our printer ink.

I will be going forward with sharing our financials publicly as well as make our fund-raising and resource-management as transparent and accountable as is reasonably possible. With that, I hope we will gain your continued support for Ubi Kuching Project, a hobby that has become for us our social responsibility.

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