2 orphaned kittens rescued from a rubbish dump

One of Aswat’s contacts, a cat feeder in Boon Keng, rescued two 3-week old kittens from a rubbish dump in Boon Keng and brought them to us to re-home.

They have cute little tails, thick soft fur and are tri-coloured, hence female (tri-coloured cats are usually female due to genetic factors). Reminds us of Japanese bob-tail cats!

One of them has already adopted by a family from Jurong! They drove all the way from Jurong to Ubi looking to make a kitten part of their home. The two orphans only arrived today so they were viewing the sisters for the first time, but after much decision-making they decided on taking one of them home with them, and bought all the necessary kitten care items as well. This girl was the one they took home –

And this girl is still at Angels looking for a loving home!

She is already on canned food, and Aswat is still giving her milk. She is a really sweet Calico –

If you are keen to adopt little Calico-chan do give Aswat a call at 93378211.

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