a boon keng story – 1/11

There is a cat feeder in Boon Keng who has been rescuing kitties in need in her area. After giving them medical attention and boarding them at her own home, she neutered the mature kittens and cats and is now hoping to re-home them as they can no longer live on the streets.

There are 11 cats in total, all now in good health and sterilised. I have requested for more specific information on the 8 cat-personalities and their histories so you can know their stories better. We are hoping to find good homes for them. Adult cats are extremely hard to re-home, so we’ll need all the help we can get in spreading the word.

This is one of the 11 cats, a tabby female 2 year old.

All the cats are living in clean and sanitary condition in their current home, have clean pens and feeding areas.

If you are keen on visiting Xiao Qing and her cat-family, please contact Kerlyn at kerlyn@live.com.sg or Maggie at 96802243.

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