a cartoon painting of slinky

Long time back I painted a cartoon rendering of Slinky. She wasn’t in front of me at the moment and she was still a partial-street cat so the picture is not accurate. I don’t have the painting anymore as I left it at my old workplace which was in art education. Here it is –

Acrylic on plywood, 21cm by 30cm

I am not a realism painter, so the picture is not supposed to be a fully pictorial representation of her. Slinky is my first cat so she will always have a special place in my heart, hence the picture. I have stopped painting for a while now so this is the only painting of the cats in our lives. Cats are incredibly hard to paint – the texture of the fur is hard to render in paint and I am no professional, only a hobby painter. Maybe I will paint her again when I replenish my art supplies!

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