If you are like Andy you will enjoy reading many cat blogs and websites. Some of them often informatively report on stories of animal abuse and pertinent cat welfare news.

You don’t find a lot of that here on Ubi Kuching Project, because personally I filter out reading too much on animal abuse. Instead I try to focus on what we can do today, for our lives and the cats’. I don’t graphically report much on abuse cases also because I try not to read them too much; I often experience severe weltschmerz – world sadness – and so I try to focus on the positive things. This, and also the Ubi news on cats being abused, abandoned and dumped is already quite enough for me to handle, affecting my sleep, making me upset! All this has cast a writer’s influence on the tone of this blog, I try to make it as positive as possible!

This is not to say I am not political about the cause of the innocent – in this case, cats. What I cannot stop in terms of cats already being ill-treated, I try to change through education and information on how to treat the cats in our lives and neighbourhood better. This forms part of the motivation on why we try our best to share pet ownership information as much as possible; on the blog, in terms of product reviews and cat behaviour, in real life, through sharing tips with other pet owners.

So, if you do read the news on animal abuse and mistreatment, do transfer it positively towards loving the animals you can reach. And remember, a happy owner makes a happy cat! Give your cat a a good head-scratch today. Meow!

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