Yesterday one of the residents in Ubi that feeds near her shop at Blk 301 rescued an orphan kitten from under the bridge adjoining Ubi and Bedok Reservoir. The kitten had been there for the past three days and the feeder auntie had been feeding him since she discovered him alone there. It was raining yesterday so the feeder brought the kitten to the pet shop to rehabilitate.

The kitten is male, black and white, tail of medium length, Oriental breed. He is estimated to be about 5-6 weeks of age. He is a bit sick – weepy eyes and raised haws, symptoms of ill health – so he will be rehabilitating at Angels and will be re-homed when he is better.

He has been groomed and cleaned and is now eating well.

He definitely has Oriental genes – he’s lanky, with big ears, vocal and agile, and a skinny tail. Reminds us of our Sayang, with pink-and-black nose leather, a very sweet looking cat.

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