Update: Bubbles did not survive her illness despite medication.

Just went to visit Bubbles. We tried to feed her the baby food we bought yesterday but she still has no inclination to eat. She did poo and pee yesterday though, but other than that she is still not fully functional. Fed her vitamins, rehydration fluid, Chlorpheniramine and Danzen which should reduce her ENT swelling and tearing and hopefully enable her to start eating. Will put her on antibiotics and mucolytics tomorrow if she still doesn’t recover.

She is really cute, despite being sick, we love her pointed facial features – nose, chin, ears – and hopes she really recovers. Here are more pics of her today:

After today’s feeding, medication and grooming

Bought her a pink towel to keep her warm

After flushing out her eyes with eye-drops and ointment, she can definitely see through her small slits of eyes, so her vision is not totally impaired. Really hope she gets better soon.

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