Butter, another dumped kitten

Today, yet another kitten appears at Angels, this time, an abandonment. Someone dumped little Butter boy at Angels.

He is really sweet –

Understandably, he has a rather worried expression on his face right now, the poor thing having just been dumped. He is likely to have been born at a home because he is not undernourished, but for some unfathomable reason he has been abandoned. He also hasn’t been thoroughly groomed yet, but with the new environment the onslaught of care and rehabilitation will have to be gradual.

His colouring is really beautiful, like caramelised marshmallow. He is white and red with mackerel tabby stripes only on his tai, his red colouring showing some gradual banding as well. We don’t know him all that well yet to know his personality so there isn’t much to report on that for today. He is quite healthy.

Butter is estimated to be about coming-to four-weeks old. If you are keen on loving this kitten in your home, please contact Aswat at 93378211 / 67489810.

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