carrying Jody, and socialising her with cats

Today Andy brought Jody to our house to socialise her with cats. The cats are wary, hissing of course, but not overly stressed out by Jody, as little Jojo does seem quite calm in the presence of cats. No herding instinct, no whining, over-friendliness, attacking of our cats. She prones on the floor and makes herself small, allowing the cats to approach her instead of the other way around.

Jody really enjoys being carried; look at her smiling away when she was sitting on my lap –

This did not happen on first sight between me and Jody, only after she got to know me and Andy did she deem us worthy of her teddy-bear hug. She sat on our laps for the whole of the night we were at the pet shop.

Jody will make a very good dog for busy working adults as she hardly wants to go out and play and walk, she would much rather just sit by you or in your lap and simply smile and watch the world go by. She is such a lovely dog.

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