cat-scratches and -bites – human first aid

When you get scratched or bitten by a cat, what should you do?

  1. If bleeding, apply pressure with gauze to stop bleeding
  2. Treat the area by washing it with water and antiseptic lotion
  3. Cover with a plaster or bandage
  4. As the wound heals, or if not bleeding, apply antiseptic cream to prevent inflammation
  5. If you get fever or rashes, see a doctor immediately as you could be having an allergic reaction.

Regarding point no. 5, usually those who have been previously scratched or bitten by cats will have developed – by our observation – an immunity towards major infection. This of course is excepted in cases where cats are rabid, in which case you ought to see a doctor immediately regardless.

In any case, if you are doing cat welfare work or have a new cat (young kittens are less vicious), do keep your human first aid kit stocked with antiseptic lotion, antiseptic cream, gauze or cotton, bandages and plasters.

Just a curiously interesting point – our own cat first-aid kits, both at my home and at Angels, is actually more well-stocked than those for humans. I looked over some of the items in my human first aid kit and found it lacking in many things, or with stuff that has expired and had to be thrown out! Seems to show how cats have somewhat nearly taken over our lives!

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