dealing with animal horrors

Sometimes the only way to keep moving on with our animal welfare work is to detach ourselves. Aswat does it by trying to play as little as he can with the animals we take in for boarding. I try to not read or hear about animal abuse stories. Andy is probably the most emotionally resilient among the three of us so he can tolerate the horror stories.

There will need to be some coping mechanism welfare workers have to have in order to keep carrying out our work efficiently. Sure, the personalising of the animals in various stories and interacting with them keeps our compassion and drive alive, but some detachment also needs to be in place so that the rational mind keeps us going at dealing with challenges with tangible solutions.

That is how we cope. If you are involved in animal welfare work you probably have your own way of dealing with stories of animal abandonment, abuse and dire need. Let it motivate you instead of making you bitter, and let it fuel your compassion and love more than it does your sense of injustice. For every sin of man committed against others, there is a way to bring about some good. Paying it forward will keep the love going. Hope this encourages you in your love-outreach to animals, or people, in need.

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