Evanger’s Holistic Pheasant Dinner for Cats

I bought the cats a can of Evanger’s cat food to try. It is a premium canned food, retailing at $4.88 at PLC (after members’ 5% discount) for a 156g can. I bought the Holistic Pheasant formula.

On opening the can, my first impression was that there was a lot of moisture, and that it smells different from other kinds of poultry meat such as chicken and turkey. The taste test results were great – all the cats finished their food and even picky Sayang took to it eagerly (she normally approaches her dinner gingerly).

They also have chicken and seafood varieties; I decided against the rest because the cats have never tried pheasant before, and Slinky has a crab allergy so seafood is out. The pheasant formula is the most expensive, but it is the only formula that also has added fruits and vegetables, something which I like in our canned food. Pure meat formulas remind me of homemade food, which I might as well prepare myself. Their mackerel formula has pressure-cooked bones within, additional calcium, but my cats are not used to having bones in their food and I worry about choking, pressure-cooked or not, but it is apparently safe and actually very healthy too.

As I am currently reducing the cats’ canned food consumption since they are growing up – now on alternate evenings instead of every dinner – we can afford slightly more premium brands of canned food, so I will probably buy this again some time, especially since Evo seems to have decommissioned its Singapore sales. Little Paws also carries Evanger’s, the pheasant formula at $4.80 before discount, and we will probably pick it up from them next time – supporting small businesses is the way to go!

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