household pet fur management

We bought a great product recently – a non-pet-store product – from Ikea. It is a lint roller that is really effective in removing pet hair off the cats’ furniture and ours. It came highly recommended by Auntie Rose and ever since we got one, I finally managed to remove cat fur off the sofa without using much time, arm-strength or cleaning agents.

Here it is and how it works. Both the lint-roller and the refill-pack cost less than $10 each.

The lint-roller attachment and adhesive roll comes in one set.

After using it on the furniture – the dust is well attached onto the lint-roller (click picture and zoom to see detail of attached fur if that gives you kicks :P). When the outer layer is covered in fur just peel off to reveal new adhesive layer, like scotch-tape.

Remove the roll from the attachment when the roll is used up.
Refills come in set of 4 rolls.

These items can be found in the pet section of Ikea. Enjoy lint-rolling!

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