Jody at our house, and maybe a new home in Newton tomorrow!

Today we had a family that lives in the Newton area come by to visit Jody the Corgi. They will be bringing their dad tomorrow to visit Jody again before deciding whether to take her home and make her a part of the family.

Owning a pet is a lifetime decision and we strongly encourage potential owners to take their time before deciding to adopt a pet so an adoption process should always take time.

In the meanwhile, we know that Jody hates being in a pen so Andy and I are still fostering her in our home. She has so far already kissed Slinky in greeting, and Sayang does not mind being in the same room, on the same bed as her.

Here are some pictures of Jody in our house:

Jody on the bed with Scooter being a scaredy-cat in the background

Jody playing with a toy beagle which she has become her favourite toy

She has been a rather pampered dog and her previous owners were really gentle towards her, so she tends to want to get her way. We have been re-training her to be more obedient – such as allowing us to take her toy away from her, and to discourage her growling. Her previous mommy said that Jody would help her take care of the baby! When baby is crying, Jody will go and check in on the baby and stay there with the baby until mommy arrives to take over. She is a truly protective dog.

If all goes well, tonight is our last night with Jody! We believe she will bring a lot of joy to her new home.

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