Jody, now a Balmoral dog

Jody was adopted today by the wonderful family that visited her yesterday. Jody’s new mommy works in the medical profession, and her new best friend and sister is a teacher:

It was a teary farewell for Jody’s ex-owners but they saw that Jody was going to a good home and they were secure in the knowledge that Jody would be well taken care of. Jody’s new mommy will be cooking for her delicious food like brown rice and dory fish – Jody loves fish, and fruits too – and will be taking her for excursions to the Botanic Gardens.

This family lost their dog recently to old age, and had been looking to adopt another. They were still grieving over their beloved senior dog’s passing but had stayed firm in their mission to open their loving human home to another canine companion. We believe Jody would definitely give them a lot of joy in her new home.

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