This is Jody, a 1-year old Corgi –

She is mainly black-and-white, with tinges of orange on her facial area. She has the thick double-coated fur distinct of the breed.

She needs a new home because her family’s newborn baby is extremely allergic to her. The poor baby has been to the doctors and back many times because of the allergy, and so, Jody while being extremely loved by the family, needs a new home instead.

Jody is healthy and well-fed, and is already neutered.

While she is wary of strangers – she makes a great guard dog – barking at people that she is not familiar with, she is very loving once she gets to know you. She is not overly active and definitely not as hyperactive as a terrier breed. In fact, she is quite a pampered lap-dog, enjoying being carried, somewhat like Daschunds, and is content to simply sit beside you. She enjoys being hugged. She gets along with dogs her size but not as well with smaller dogs – she is still a Corgi after all and sees smaller animals as needing to be herded. She would do well in a small household, suitable for busy owners as she is not attention-seeking nor does she want to walk a lot. She is paper-trained and is content to relax at home with you if you do not have the time to bring her out everyday. She also understands basic commands and is all in all a very good house pet.

We love her colouring, and if our camera’s battery hadn’t died I would have gotten a great picture of her smiling when she was sitting beside us at the pet shop coffee table.
If you would like to view and think about adopting her, put aside some time to visit Angels where she is now boarding. After interacting with her and letting her get to know you, you cannot help but fall in love with this teddy-bear of a dog. Will take more pictures of her again tomorrow.