An Ubi resident went jogging today towards the nearby estate of Lorong Ah Soo. As he passed the monsoon drain he witnessed a cat that was nearly drowning in the flooding waters. Unflinching, he went into the river to save the cat.

The poor kitty was totally wet and covered in mud, but she survived. He brought the cat to Aswat, who bathed and dried her, checked her for injuries or trauma. The cat was well, and surprisingly, for someone who just went through a near-death, was emotionally stable.

We realised that the cat’s ear is tipped. Which means that there is a cat feeder or carer in Lorong Ah Soo that may know this cat.

We would like to make an appeal to whoever may be the cat carer of the Lorong Ah Soo estate. If this cat belongs to your estate, please contact Aswat at 9337 8211 / 6748 9810 to claim her as soon as possible.

She is a tabby, youngish at about a year old, with a long tail. She has thick fur with banded ticking of cream, black and lilac grey. Her tabby markings are mostly spotted. Her nose leather is brick red. She is quite manja and open to human contact.

If we cannot find the cat carer of the estate we will be releasing her into the Ubi stray territory where we can keep an eye on her, or re-home her if there are interested adopters.

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