There is a growing problem of Ubi stray dogs, their originating point is the industrial estate of Ubi.

There are two main packs of stray dogs. One is near the field where Vietnam Romeo comes from. These dogs are friendly.

The other pack is from further inside Ubi’s industrial estate. These dogs are aggressive and have attacked and killed many cats. They also tend to walk on the main roads instead of staying safely on pavements or inside the factories. They gather as a pack at night to guard, hunt and attack any intruders so driving or walking in that area at night is unsafe.

Both packs are not sterilised. One pack was recently seen chasing after Romeo’s sister to mate. The number of dogs is definitely growing.

The dogs are also becoming more daring, venturing to Ubi central and walking on the main roads carelessly.

I wrote in to ASD about whether they can trap and neuter these two packs of dogs. They are unable to help. They provide subsidised sterilisation but no volunteers or sponsors are available to help trap and neuter them. We ourselves are unable to trap the dogs as they are all huge and the aggressive pack is not sociable towards people at all. This plus that we have no crates or transport for the dogs, even if we can find sponsors or volunteers to help. So, ASD was a dead-end.

We fear that very soon, complaints from residents will pour in and the dogs will meet an inevitable death if handled by the town council or pest control, or that they may get injured from road accidents, but we can’t come any other solution. We want to make Ubi a great place for animals and humans alike but right now for these poor doggies we really have no idea what else to do.

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