In our cat condo we have 3 main portions for the cats to hang out or nap in: the top, the igloo, and the hammock.

At first the hammock was not very well used but I enhanced it by hanging a small towel filled with catnip over the hammock. Sayang is the only one among our cats who really enjoys sleeping in it. Here she was this afternoon sleeping sweetly:
And you can see the towel filled with catnip that she is leaning on as a pillow.

Catnip is a good way to introduce a bed to a cat: if you get a new bed that you want your cat to sleep on, using catnip will attract your cat to sleep, and sleep better, on her new bed. The material also makes a difference, as does the position. Some cats also enjoy their owners’ smell so a piece of clothing or personal item in the bed will help too, same reason why our cats love our bed and chairs.

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