I recently bought a can of Nutripe for cats, chicken formula.

I was a little apprehensive at first before I opened it, because I am not sure how they will take to the smell and taste of tripe, which is basically cow’s innards – sounds disgusting even though it is very healthy.

But on opening the can and feeding it to them, I’m hooked. It smells nice, and the cats loved it.

Not only did it pass the taste test, we also realise that because it is so nutritious, the cats actually find it very filling. They ate very little for the rest of the day after their serving of Nutripe.

Definitely buying this again for them.

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  • Sounds good! After trying all kinds of meat on our cats I reckon they like chicken more than beef, they are not as crazy over beef. We are thinking of ordering the 24 carton pack of chicken formula Nutripe for them, not expensive and definitely good for them!

  • My cats are obsessed with the beef Nutripe variety! The chicken one doesn't seem to interest them as much though… they're awfully picky and are only keen on Nutripe and GO! Natural for cannes food.

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