pepper the mini-schnauzer

This is Pepper, a sweet 4-year old girl who needs a new home. She is a mini-Schnauzer, salt-and-pepper coloured.

Her previous family has been somewhat irresponsible in her care due to the fact that after introducing Pepper into their family they found that they had no time to groom her often and feed her well. Thus Pepper needs a new home that will ensure that she is well-cared-for for the rest of her life. You will see in the picture that she is skinny.

She also has a bit of a skin problem. Hence, she will not be up for adoption immediately and will be rehabilitating at Angels for a while. Aswat has changed her diet to Acana for its low-allergen qualities and monitoring her diet so that she puts on some weight. We will also groom her as she looks unkempt. She just arrived at Angels today so the onslaught of grooming is minimal; Aswat has trimmed her nails – which were really long – and she needs a new Schnauzer cut and a bath which we will give her over the next few days.

She is paper-trained, and very docile and quiet. She makes friends easily, with humans, other dogs, and even with cats. The ex-owners are bringing down her vaccination etc. papers tomorrow to Aswat so that they can be passed on to her new owner.

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