Pepper the Schnauzer – ready for adoption

Pepper, our Miniature Schnauzer, is ready for adoption. Her skin problem has improved – no more red bald patches – after a change in diet (she is now on Eagle Pro Holistic Salmon), and her fur is now lustrous and thick after adequate grooming at Angels. Her poo was quite soft initially, due to the change in diet, but is now firm.

She is a very well-socialised dog, making friends easily with humans, dogs and cats. She can be a bit clingy as she has been previously attention-deprived, but nothing a good loving home cannot fix – we often see insecure dogs improving in their emotional health after we have re-homed them to good owners. She is not overly vocal but when you talk to her she will respond. If she wants to be with you but is enclosed in her pen, she does a cute howl, like a mini beagle of sorts, really adorable.

We are hoping to re-home her as soon as possible, to start a new chapter for Ubi Kuching Project in 2010. If you are keen to visit and adopt Pepper the Schnauzer, do visit Angels Pet Shop or call Aswat at 9337 8211 / 6748 9810. Adoption fee applies and prospective owners will be screened as we do not want her to be neglected again by a human family.

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