reimbursement on sterilisation from cws

Just next to our neighbourhood of Ubi, is Bedok Reservoir Road. The tail end of Bedok Reservoir is managed by a lady named Terry. She feeds and sterilises the cats in that area, using subsidisation from Cat Welfare Society.

Our recent Ubi-wide neutering in November, we saved the receipt, as Terry said she was going to help us get reimbursement for it from CWS. If the claim is successful, this means we not only will have more funds to continue our neutering work, we can get some seed-funding for our fund-raising! It is very nice of her to help us out as we have no ties with CWS. Andy and Aswat returned the favour by helping her trap cats for sterilisation.

A pity we didn’t discover this sooner. I checked out the reimbursement on sterilisation page of CWS. We can’t claim for cats sterilised without receipts. Terry initially thought that we could, as long we have documentation on the community cats sterilisation. When I heard that, I thought of going around Ubi to catalogue all the cats in the neighbourhood. But I saved myself the excursion, because we cannot back-claim. We will be communicating with the rest of the Ubi cat-zones’ patrons to save the receipts so that we can claim future reimbursements. At least when we set up our bank account, there will be some cash to deposit. (Yeah, we are that broke.)

There are some new cats abandoned in Ubi, so as always, the sterilisation work has to keep going. The work never ends. We are thankful for whatever funding we can get. Aswat, Andy and myself may not be able to sponsor much but at least we can tao-kar-chiu – physically help out – in terms of helping to trap cats. Which to us seems very simple and undaunting, but it seems that it is a rather specialised ‘skill’ as most cat feeders are not as ambulant and seem to be quite scared of getting scratched and bitten by the strays. For some reason, the three of us are not, so that is one of the ways we will keep contributing to improve our neighbourhood for cats and humans alike. The most important thing is that we enjoy doing it, and joy gives us strength to continue our work!

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