Ubi Cat-Zones – updated

Ubi is a residential estate as well as a light-industrial estate. For Ubi strays, we have 5 independently managed areas within Ubi, each known as a ‘cat-zone’ and autonomously managed by different feeders and sponsors. When there are needs such as rescue work, trapping of cats for neutering or sponsorship needs in the various zones, Andy, Aswat and myself will assist the various cat-zones which are otherwise taken care of fully by the cat-patrons.

Zone 1: Central, Blocks 301-306
Cat patron: Auntie Can
Cat feeders: Auntie Can and Auntie Rose

This zone is known as Ubi central, which is where Andy and I live, and where Angels Pet Shop is located – the only pet shop in Ubi. Angels Pet Shop at Blk 302 is the HQ where we board rescued animals for re-homing as well as stray cats recovering from sickness or injuries.

Auntie Can is the cat patron of this zone: she feeds the cats every night even though she is not even an Ubi resident, as well as sponsors the neutering in this zone. She also sponsors medical costs of any strays in this area that fall ill.

Zone 2: Blocks 311-318
No cat patron.
Cat feeder: Auntie Rose and 1 Indian Muslim Auntie.

This zone is opposite Bedok Reservoir Road, along the Ubi river where many cats have dropped in, been thrown in by mad people, and drowned in as well. It has high human traffic, as the main bus stop where most of the buses stop at is at Blk 311 in this zone.

No cat patron. We usually tompang the cats from this zone into other zones where there are cat patrons sponsoring the neutering. This zone is currently the most under-managed.

Zone 3: Blocks 319-335
Cat patrons and feeders: Auntie Shirley and Pakcik Hassan

This zone is large, and has good financial support from the cat patrons who are feeding – high quality food too! (Royal Canin and Innova Evo) – sponsoring and trapping the cats themselves.

There is however a particular group of cats who hide within the power station located in this zone. The patrons can only feed them through a feeding station set up outside this power station. All cats inside are not neutered but all the kittens borne inside this power station also cannot survive long. All other surrounding cats in the zone have been neutered.

This zone also has a lot of abandoned pedigree cats – Persians, Burmese, Siamese – the most ‘pedigreed’ zone in the estate.

Zone 4: Blocks 336-352
Cat patrons: 2 Chinese Uncles
Cat feeder: Auntie Doreen

This zone is nearest to the industrial estate of Ubi, and furthest away from the central. Auntie Doreen feeds the cats in this area, and the 2 uncles who sponsor and trap for neutering also help to feed the cats in this zone.

This zone’s neutering rate is slower than in zones 1 and 3 as the patrons are older and less able, physically and financially.

Zone 5: Ubi Crescent / Ubi Techpark
Cat patrons: Liana and Jolene
Cat feeders: Michelle, Auntie Alice

This zone is one of the industrial parks in Ubi and is managed by two ladies who work in that area. There is a large pack of stray dogs in this area that often attacks the cats. Jolene and Liana are neutering the strays in this area. Pakcik Hassan of Zone 3 also helps to feed the cats in this area during the weekends.

Rescue and Re-homing
For our cat rescue and re-homing work, Aswat, Andy and I work across all Ubi cat-zones to help disadvantaged cats such as the sick and the young. We hear about these cats in need mostly through word-of-mouth, or when we walk around the neighbourhood and spot them. Intervention can take all forms, from informing the cat-zone patrons and feeders to monitor, to first-aid, to fostering the cats at the shop, to re-homing the young.

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  • Hi Edmond, the shops around Blk 350 have feeding stations for the strays there. There are also feeders that go from residential Ubi to the industrial side to feed the strays. The feeders will likely get to meet her and feed her. Do you have a photo or description of what she looks like?

  • Hi, today i saw a kitten probably 3 mths old at void deck of block 351, she seem to be hungry and is very skinny. I work in Ubi industrial and I pass by there on my way home at around 6 plus.

  • There are culling incidents, but few. Marine Parade Town Council routes cat complaints to Cat Welfare Society who sends them to us. So far, no news yet. Hope your cat comes home.

  • Hi Thomas

    We have not heard any news yet, will check with the rest of the Ubi folks tomorrow to see if anyone saw him.

  • hi, i'm a resident of blk 324 – my cat (adult, pale brown with blue collar) has been missing for a few days… was wondering if you have any news of it?

  • Thank you for your feedback Colin.

    Spoke to Aswat about the white cat that got in a fight; he has been eluding trapping for sterilisation, alongside the orange cat that is also in the area.

    As for the grey kitten – does it belong to your neighbour? If so I can use this to communicate to your neighbour about keeping his cats indoors.

    Am not sure about the black and orange cat you mentioned; will bring this description up to Aswat who knows the cat-patron of the zone. The cat-patron of Zone 3 Auntie Shirley is currently out of the country at the moment.

  • Hi, im a resident of Blk 324 ubi. As spoken to one of your volunteers who called me earlier on. Not sure if i can be of help but one of the fighting cats is a black spotted orange and white cat.

    It was trying to pick a fight with this grey kitten playing around my flower pots. Im very sure the kitten had no chance in a fight.

    Anyways I hope we can help to at least sterilize the bigger cat. It loiters around Blk 324 most of the time. Pretty friendly to me.

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