update on newborn orphan

The orphan that was recently rescued is doing great at Ivy’s house. He has been taking to his milk well and has recently begun purring in reaction to Ivy’s affection. He has begun the habit of doing his business right after his feeding even without stimulation, and has been putting on weight steadily. He still hasn’t opened his eyes, which means that when he was orphaned he was probably only a day or two old as it is about 9 to 10 days past. Kittens’ eyes open at around 10-14 days of age.

I think Ivy has already fallen in love with the little baby cat <3 and is going to care for this little one for life.Hand-rearing a kitten is really a huge commitment, with middle-of-the-night feedings. Ivy has not been sleeping well. As with most pet owners in challenging situations, she has been researching the ‘net on newborn kittens, and has been doing a really great job at it even though this is her first time hand-rearing a newborn kitten.Newborn kittens if surrendered to pet shelters will usually be euthanised as there simply are not enough volunteers to hand-rear newborns round the clock. Unless another nursing queen is available to foster the kitten, putting orphans to sleep may be the most humane measure available.Thank God for Ivy for a life saved.

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