update on Sookie, our Lorong Ah Soo cat

Our Lorong Ah Soo cat, now called Sookie, has some updates to her story.

Randy, a fellow cat-lover who heard about Sookie’s story on our Facebook page, has been canvassing around Lorong Ah Soo to see if a carer recognises this cat. He will be placing some posters there tonight.

Our cat-angel rescuer who picked Sookie up from the flooding urban river in Lorong Ah Soo, is actually the same cat-lover that adopted our Tikus. If we do not have any leads on Sookie, Tikus’ owner will be picking her up this weekend to return to the Lorong Ah Soo site he found her, at block 132. Or he may even adopt her himself, which sounds like a good idea to us!

Sookie is a very lovable cat. She has been putting on weight at Angels, and she drinks loads of water. Not only is she healthy, she is vocal, often meowing at us in a sing-song voice when we talk to her. She is not used to cuddles yet, which may mean she really was a street cat at Lorong Ah Soo instead of a home cat, but we may never find out for sure. She has already been litter-trained – in fact, she uses the toilet really often because she drinks and eats a lot <3 - and we are already falling in love with her; she will definitely make a nice house cat.

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