Still unable to get this cutie out of the house

Because he is not yet neutered, Slinky has been trying her best to safeguard our home from what she views as a threat, meow-growling and posturing herself to attack him. I have to keep distracting them so that a real fight would not occur, harming themselves in the process if they do fight. Despite this, it is still four-cats-in-the-house.

How’s Sef for an English name for him? It means a few things: (1) sounds like Seth, which means ‘appointed one’, (2) short for Josef, which means ‘God will increase, (3) short for saffron, which is a red-orange colour. OMG this is a disaster if I am thinking up names…

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  • Sure, come on over to hang out. At least of the volunteers will be there. Sundays are usually open only for a while in the afternoons. Then you can describe to us the unneutered Zone3 cat.

  • thank you so much!

    i will keep an eye out too! am only home over the weekends usually, but will you guys mind if i just drop by the pet shop to play with the animals when you are open?

  • Squawks: This orange cat is still outside our house where our feeding station is (we're in Zone1), so we can still keep an eye on him. He is still very clean! As for the Zone 3 cat, he might be a newcomer, will let the Zone 3 people know about this unneutered male

    mywhitepaw: sorry to hear about your poodle 🙁

  • Terry's missing reminds me of my old poodle..she was about 10yr old when she gone missing..some blackhearted people who got her didn't want to reveal where her whereabouts, until years later that i got to know she was kept in a temple but she passed away not long after…perhaps she knew she's leaving us soon.

  • hey, so is this orange cat now roaming around? i saw an unneutered male in zone 3 on my way home last night. he looks dirty, like he has been spending alot of time under parked cars.

  • Ha yeah I definitely think it has some truth to it. Terry the Schnauzer is feared to have run away because he knew he was gonna pass on. We have stopped the canvassing for now and will rely on the posters we left around the industrial estate of Ubi and calls from SPCA or AVA.

  • Yeah he is really very cute! He wanted to go out tonight, finally. I think he has problems sharing litter boxes (we have no more space for yet another litter box) and that our oldest cat Slinky has been blocking his access to food and drink proper, he already looks a bit dehydrated. She has tried to attack him already. If he is outside our house it might be better for him, welfare wise, because at least our cat won't attack him, and we have a feeding station outside our house, with water, and a bed which no one blocks him from, the other resident strays are more willing to share the feeding station. In any case we are sponsoring his sterilisation, next round coming up in February.

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