a gift for Ubi Kuching Project’s stressed cats

Today we received a beautiful gift for Squirrel our pregnant cat and 小杰 our injured cat.
This gift is a diffuser of feline pheromones, mimicking the scent that cats leave around their territory (through stropping and rubbing) to feel safe. Through talking to a friend of Ubi Kuching Project, we shared about the cats boarding with us now, and as a surprise, our friend responded by buying us this gift for them – thank you so much, cat-angel!

小杰 is a really docile cat, but with his recent bout of dehydration and his injury, we worry because he hasn’t been eating. We had to feed him water and vitamins with a syringe instead, and we fear that if he doesn’t eat his bodily functions might give out. Squirrel on the other hand, has been eating, but is stressed out enough to hide inside the litter tray most of the time, trying to be as still as possible, which is not totally ideal at all.

Tomorrow we will plug the Feliway diffuser in and see how it works on the two. Maybe right after the pheromones diffuse, Squirrel will give birth…!

The product is used by fitting the three-pin plug to a socket, and it can be used 24-hours, lasting for 4 weeks before it will need a refill vial.

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