a lone kitten from Joo Chiat

Andy and I were cycling past Joo Chiat, along Still Road. We suddenly chanced upon this lone kitten, boldly venturing towards the bus stop.

Map showing where we found the kitten

Both of us stopped our bikes and went to look at this kitten. We realised that it was skinny and dehydrated. We then looked around for her mother. Andy took a torchlight and went into the drain area to see if there were any nursing mothers, but none were to be found. There was a cat nearby who looked like she was recently nursing but she ran away even when she saw us carrying the kitten, which normally mothers tend not to do – mother cats tend to be protective of their young.

The kitten is really dehydrated and undernourished. We feared that if we didn’t rescue this one, it would fall really sick and probably not survive long, as she was already on the verge of sickness.
We called a friend who lives in this area, to find out if she knew this kitten. She was not aware of this kitten but she said this area (behind Eng Seng coffeeshop of the famous crab) is a very troubled zone, with totally no sterilisation being done at all. After we called Swat to check if we had room for another rescue case at this moment, we took the little one home.

We hope her case is merely dehydration, for now it seems so. She is eating well, just having a really troublesome eye discharge from her right eye, but no signs of flu.When we bring her to the shop tomorrow where most of our first aid supplies are now at, hopefully she will get better in a couple of days, otherwise we will likely be bringing her to the vet.

For tonight, we groomed and cleaned our little kiitten, now by the name of Jacey, after Joo Chiat. We cleaned up the eye discharge, fed her water with a syringe, and diluted food as well so she can get better. She is still active but somewhat tired for now, so she has been placed in a pen to rest for the night.

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  • Yeah we will keep you in the loop. The sponsor is unable to trap the cats on her own and doesn't know how to, plus she is really busy, which is why we offered to help out. Your area sounds closer to Katong whereas Jacey's area is much nearer to Eunos where the mosque you mention is. We will probably be heading down a couple of nights before the trapping to feed the cats; the chicken-head feeder doesn't believe in sterilisation so we can't ask her to help lure the cats our with food for us. If you'd like, you can join us when we do the trapping after CNY, will be updating the blog on the event when I get the details.

  • Ah ok! I just looked more closely at the map and know exactly where you found li'l Janey! Yep, there's thay auntie who feeds the kitties meat everyday, but if I recall correctly, I'd seen folks at the mosque feeding the cats too. I've heard yowling there at night on the rare occasions I alight at the bus stop there.

    Great to hear you're planning on sterilising the cats in that area… and how coincidental: our areas kinda border each other ^ ^ I live at Joo Chiat Place, and care for the cats along Joo Chiat Road (from junction of Joo Chiat Place all the way down Joo Chiat Road to the junction of East Coast Road). So no worries, we won't overlap. But do keep me posted about sponsors for the kitties there, ok? Maybe we can sort out a way to work together on this!

    (There aren't many carers around Joo Chiat – I've yet to meet anyone else except for Mdm Tan – and I know some of the shopkeepers along Tembeling Road have complained about the kitties there – even the sterilised ones.)

  • This area of Joo Chiat is apparently under the care of one auntie who feeds the cats chicken heads every day. But she does not sterilise, from what we hear this is not the only kitten here and there are plenty of cat-fights here every night.

    We will be helping out to sterilise the cats in this part of Joo Chiat that is near Still Road to alleviate the situation, possibly after CNY after the sponsor arranges.

    Nice to know you are caring for the cats in your area! If possible, let us know which part exactly do you care for so we won't overlap. We are looking at the Still Road entrance into Joo Chiat Terrace, along the grid formed by these two roads and possibly ending at Mangis Road and Joo Chiat Place but we will update when we get the plan from the sponsor.

  • poor li'l Jacey! where exactly did you find her? i take care of the kitties along Joo Chiat Road – though closer towards East Coast Road, and not the other end nearer Still Road… the cats under my care are sterilised. all 5 under my roof ^ ^ are rescue cases from Joo Chiat too!

    there's an auntie called Mdm Tan who wheels a trolley around to feed the kitties around the area, though i am not sure if she ventures towards the Still Road end of Joo Chiat …

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