Sookie, our rescued cat who has no owner and no one coming forward to want to adopt her, has become a permanent resident at Angels Pet Shop.

She is unfortunately too scared to venture outside the shop and has to be kept in a pen during closing house because she does not dare to roam the streets at night.

Because of this, Sookie has become a long-term boarding cat Angels and will be so for as long as she wants to remain in the shop.

We love Sookie but it costs to take care of her. Boarding costs for a cat are at $3.50 a day, which comes up to $108.50 a month. If you would like to help up offset her boarding costs, please donate $3.50 on behalf of Sookie so that we can continue to take care of her. Also, if you have an additional pen that you no longer need, we would appreciate the donation. We also accept donations of food and pine pellets for her cat litter (she is still drinking a lot of water). Sookie’s current cage can be used for rehabilitating and re-homing animals which means space for one more animal in need that we can save. If you are keen on donating cash, please see here to find out how. If you have a cage to donate, please email me at avalon.apart [at] with dimensions so we can work out how to fit her new cage in our limited space. For food and pine pellets you can drop them off at Angels Pet Shop or purchase them for her at the shop itself.

To all those that have helped Sookie in one way or another, a big thank you. Sookie thanks you too, do come and visit her if you are in the area.

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