Are a crazy cat-person?

If you are, you are likely to:

  • Have more cat food than human food in the house. Other symptoms include shopping for your cats more than you do for yourself.
  • Prefer spending time at home with your cats than anywhere else. You are likely to spend more time with your cats than you do with fellow humans.
  • Find humans noisy, rude, and with no regard for personal space, especially human children and nosy neighbours.
  • Read, talk or research all things cat-related, every day, once a day. (Yes, it includes your daily visit to this blog!)
  • One or more of the following: inspect your cat’s poo really closely, taste-test your cat’s food.
  • Have cat fur on you almost all the time. You are also likely to collect your cat’s fur to make into a pillow or blanket.

Further serious signs of cat-insanity include:

  • Having more cats than you can name, dress with collars, feed individually.
  • Clearing out all the human furniture, ornaments and breakables from your house, regardless of decor or practicality.
  • Giving up on cat litter, preferring newspapers or toilet floors because there is just too much scooping to do.

The above three symptoms require urgent intervention to prevent full-scale psycho-cat-mania.

(Thankfully, Andy and I are not that seriously cat-manic. We do however suspect Aswat to be nearly full-scale cat-psycho as he also has at least one out of three of the serious symptoms.)

How crazy are you?

Welcome to cat-insanity my kitty friends.

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