Unfortunately for poor Sookie she is still yet to be adopted. It is likely that she may eventually become the the pet shop’s resident cat. Today, I bathed her in the sink – she is really easy to bathe, very agreeable – and here she is cleaning herself after:
As you can see the picture is of her not inside the cage, because she is free to roam the shop in the day until closing. During the day, she sleeps mostly in the shop, on boxes or crates, and goes to the bathroom in the shop to pee. Aswat felt that only house-trained cats would do that, but then our Slinky also did the same thing when she first came to my house as a stray, I think they learned that humans’ bathroom = toilet by observing the humans. If she really was a house cat, lost and found notices have not turned up any possible leads on Sookie’s owner; she might have been abandoned.

So sad that no one wants her, she is such a beautiful cat. If Andy and I were still looking for a tabby to adopt we would probably have taken Sookie for ourselves… but we have Scooter already, a trade-in not possible! Even though Sookie is a pretty lilac-tabby with a heart-shaped nose and sing-song meow… really so pretty. Whichever case, Sookie will remain a burden we are willing to bear if she really cannot find a permanent home and family.

It is not easy to re-home a nearly adult cat. If you can, do help spread the word on Sookie’s story so we can still continue the search for a possible adopter. Use the links in the sidebar, and the photos available there. Many thanks.

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