beyond Ubi – Joo Chiat

Finding Jacey was a catalyst to spark off the intervention needed in this area for its stray cat population.

There is a sponsor for this area that is willing to sterilise the stray cats here at her own cost, but she lacked the manpower to trap, so now we have a match. Also, with the input from other Joo Chiat folks like our reader Melissa, we have a more complete picture of the unmet needs in feeding and sterilisation for this area.

After piecing together some information we have a rudimentary map:
More on the areas we will be targeting for trapping-sterilisation. If you live in this area and would like to help, here are a number of ways:

  • Feeding the cats in the areas which are not covered by the two feeders
  • Help to educate the neighbours and shopkeepers that cats help to chase pests away, so that they will not try to get rid of the cats in an inhumane way
  • Help us on the nights leading up to the trapping we will be carrying out in February, by joining us on the cat-hunt on the night of the trapping.

Feel free to contact me via avalon.apart [at] if you are interested in helping out.

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  • and likewise, thank YOU for your fabulous work and love for the kitties! you're right about strength in numbers – i'll keep a lookout for other likeminded caregivers!

  • Yeah after some asking around I heard about the cat situation behind Joo Chiat Complex too, but that is much farther than we have planned. Change will take time, and we just have to be political lobbyists for the cats in our community 🙂

    Try taking a few folks with you to talk to the shopkeepers, strength in numbers. Tell them that cats help keep other pests away. Or that if there are troublesome cats let you know. Etc. Try to link up with other people in your community so you don't fight alone. It is a lonely journey and cat-people are very prone to becoming psycho if they are always working alone! Thanks for the great work! <3

  • I'm with the kitties along Joo Chiat Road towards Katong (you're right on that ^ ^ ) and I'll certainly keep a lookout for other kitties in the other Joo Chiat areas!

    There're a LOT behind the shophouses in front of Joo Chiat Complex. There's a Malay family that keeps them outdoors and feeds them – but refuses to sterilise them too (I've asked before… they were pretty adamant against it.)

    Meanwhile, will keep on keepin' on at my ares ^ ^ and will try to talk to those unhappy shopkeepers. I've personally had to rescue one from AVA after one horrid shopkeeper trapped a lovely mild-mannered boycat *in a public area*. I'd even lodged a complaint with AVA about errant use of the traps. after rescuing the cat out (he's now with me – if you're on Facebook, I can show you his pix… ). Of course, AVA did their bog-standard responses, then told me they had advised the shopkeeper against using it in public spaces… not that that would help much, methinks. Sigh.

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