Just minutes ago, Sayang was sitting on my lap purring, when suddenly both of us heard a loud clink-clank sound, as if someone knocked over something ceramic. Sayang emitted a soft growl, and ran to the main door. I went to investigate.

There are only three ceramic cat bowls in and around our house, one is Scooter’s, the other is the two bowls outside our house which we use as a feeding station for the strays in our area, mainly now Wang Wang and Mommy cat and occasionally, Daddy cat.

I saw a cat that is actually a Zone 2 cat, looking for food. By the time I went outside to try and get a picture of him, he had run off.

The cat sighted looks very similar to this other Zone 2 cat who is no longer with us.

This cat is also a terrorist-cat, or he could be the original one that Auntie Rose named thus, because they look very alike. I have witnessed him terrorising the cats in Zone 2 before, and Andy has seen him roam into our Zone 1 territory recently, which was when this picture was taken.

It is quite hard for us to neuter the Zone 2 cats regularly because we don’t have an anchor-sponsor or cat-patron of this zone. Sporadic funding means sporadic sterilisation, which is also harder to organise. We can only conduct sterilisation when sponsorship comes forward. But we will need to address this issue soon. Entire cats are hard to track, and they are causing a nuisance to the Zone 2 residents which results in them regularly ‘disposing’ of the cats there. If you are keen to come forward with financial help in sterilising the Zone 2 cats (including this guy) do contact us.

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