I recently met some visitors from the UK who had a cat back home that died from a tumour. The tumour had been formed behind the cat’s eye socket, about six months after he had been bitten by a stray dog. Due to the natural healing process of the body which causes the tissues to grow, the tumour had grown with it, and had spread to the rest of his body.

I guess dog bites are really no joke. Internal injuries may occur, which was exactly how another cat we knew died after being attacked by a pack of dogs.

Dog attacks on cats are preventable. Remember not to give your cats unsupervised outdoor access. Dogs should be leashed when out, no matter how friendly your dog is. Introduce cats and dogs to each other by allowing one to be in a pen, or in the very least, letting the cat be on elevated ground.

I really hope Sayang’s recent wound will not develop into something majorly serious; it has healed well and she seems fine, but will be getting it checked out during her next veterinary check up which is coming soon, just to be sure.

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