Foster Shiro Project – Day 0

Shiro’s mommy Ivy will be away on holiday so for this week he is staying with us! He is a really cute bundle of joy.

His colourpoints which we recently discovered him showing, are becoming more obvious. Looking at him close-up, he kind of reminds us of Orket, a colourpoint Persian (Himalayan) whom we re-homed last year:

Orket, teddy-bear ears

Shiro, also a teddy-bear!

It’s night time so I can’t get a good picture in natural light of his colourpoints, currently chocolate, possibly seal. The points are most obvious on his tail.

Right now he is sleeping on top on Andy, who is also sleeping. Sayang is close-by, keeping watch, also sleeping. The cats seem to know that the kitten needs care, and are willing to be welcoming of Shiro. Scooter tried to play with him, but he is so big, Scooter’s slight pawing looks scary, although he kept his claws retracted of course. Slinky is totally oblivious – we bring strange animals home all the time I think she, like the others, are no longer bothered by new cats.

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