Foster Shiro Project – Day 1

Herrow! My name is Shiro! I am staying with another human mommy and daddy today! I think my mommy went to some place far away to buy something for me, I heard the humans talking about cat-stuff. I miss my mommy! This temporary mommy is okay, but she ain’t as good as my real human mommy!

Last night my temp human mommy woke me up twice to give me milk. I think she couldn’t sleep maybe because of me. I am a strong boy! But I am so small compared to these other big cats around. One of them (I think his name is Scooter) even smacked me a bit and growled at me when I went near him while he was eating. But he got a spanking from his mommy, haha! Mrew! And I am a-okay, is a strong boy!

There are two other kitty-sisters here, and like Scooter, they have been okayishly friendly to me and they seem to like to smell me and then walk away…

Scooter: Oh dear, more competition for food sial. Die!
Shiro with Sayang moving away from him in the background.

Last night I fell asleep on my temp daddy’s chest. It was real nice to sleep on something warm, wide and stable, and he made little breathy noises which made me feel like I was with my real mommy.

Shiro on Andy’s chest, both asleep.

This temp mommy is obsessed with my tail. She keeps taking this shiny thing and pointing it at my tail and I get shy… mew.

She says my tail has colourpoints, which probably means why I feel my tail seems different from the rest of my body. She thinks it could be blue-tabby-point, seal-tabby-point or chocolate-tabby-point. I don’t know what it means, humans can be so strange.

I have my own bed in this house too, where I sleep with this other white kitty-toy and my blankie from home. I had to pee once on the pee-pad that is in my bed because my temp mother was asleep when I had to go.

Shiro in his carrier-bed

I like sleeping on my temp human parents’ bed, it is so comfy and I can see the window from here in the day. And I like curling up to these humans, they really seem to love me and they are so nice and warm… … so nice and warm… I am falling asleep now…. mreew.. zzz…

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  • Thanks! I can imagine why pinky got the name – kittens so small have really pink noses, paws and even their bellies. Shiro is really adorable, no wonder his mommy fell in love with him the day she brought him home!

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